Green Valley Educational Institute

EllahiBagh | Buchpora | Srinagar

Vision, Aim & Ethos


  To become the most sought-after school, acclaimed for balancing the most-loved aspects of a ‘proper childhood’ with the very best elements of a 21st century education.


 Our mission is to provide a stimulating, friendly, healthy and happy environment for all our students, instilling a life-long love of learning and curiosity. We aim to pursue, recognize and celebrate personal excellence in all its forms and instill humanity & leadership skills in our students.                                               
 At Green Valley Educational Institute we aim to:

 ·  Deliver and develop a balanced, inspiring academic  curriculum alongside a broad range of co-curricular activities both inside and outside the classroom.
·      Promote creativity.

·      Maintain open and effective communication with the parents.

·      Encourage our students to explore their hidden talent & fulfill their potential by providing them with world class facilities.

·      Instill in our students the understanding of local, national and global issues.

·      Ensure the safety and security of our students.

·      Teach our students the importance of tolerance and self-belief.

·      Provide healthy and clean environment for our students and staff members.

·      Develop the self-confidence and self-esteem of our students alongside good manners & discipline.

·      Encourage moral development of our students, in addition to academic, artistic and sporting pursuits.

·      Develop communicative, imaginative and innovative skills of our students.