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Intra School Activities


Orientation Programme


Dated: 17th March 2019

The Management of GVEI organized an orientation programme in Robotics/Aeronautics and allied activities for its faculty members today in the newly established ATL (Atal Tinkering Lab). The expert from Robokart Mumbai, Er. Vaibah Sawant inducted the teaching faculty to the rubrics of innovation and ATL. Throughout the year, the teachers will identify students with innovative ideas in the field and will help them give concrete shape to their innovative ideas in order to prepare the upcoming generation for the challenges of the contemporary world.


Workshop on Note Writing

Dated: 14th March 2019

Workshop on “Note Writing” conducted by Mr. Mushtaq Barq with the students of +2 Department.


Welcome Day

Dated: 11th March 2019

Fellow teachers and students,
Welcome back! Happy to see you all after the long holiday, and we hope you’ve had a fruitful and an enjoyable winter.
We are sure you are all rested and ready to go back to school, both to study, and to have fun with your friends again.
Let us talk about our New Year resolve.
Active learning and taking initiative are the keys to learning wisely. Do you have the initiative for active learning? What drives you to learn? If you’re driving force is test and exam scores, you will surely have a hard time. But if you have a good cause, if you can see beyond test scores and find the spark and the joy innate to the act of learning, then learning will become much more interesting and much easier. Go and find out why you have to learn. Look inward. If you cannot find an answer, seek guidance from your teachers.
After you have found a good cause for learning, learn wisely. Be the master and take control of your own learning process. Prepare for class, pay attention in class, and participate actively in classroom activities and discussion. Respect your teachers and respect your classmates. Outside classroom, get to know what’s happening around you, at school, in society. Read extensively, watch the news, and download useful apps that can help you. Be curious. Studying your textbooks can get tedious sometimes, and they can only teach you that much. Go and broaden your horizons, actively seek knowledge from this great world that we live in. No matter what your interests are, be it science, mathematics, philosophy, or theology, the world has so much to offer.
Moving on to “Live Amply” — we all want you to live a fruitful and rewarding life. Again, be your own master and take control of your life. 
First and foremost, build up a good character – be a dignified and respectable person. Behave – speak proper, dress proper and act proper. Respect yourself.
Second, engage in different activities. Develop your interests. Explore your talents. Unearth your potentials. Stretch your limits. There are so many extra-curricular activities you can participate in and different things you can do — academic or non-academic, competitions, community services, sports, music, visual art, performing art, cultural activities, etc, etc. Do something, so that you won’t regret not having tried when you look back in life.
Most importantly, seek God. It is only in Him that we can find wisdom. It is only in Him that our life is meaningful. 
On this first day of school, let us wish you a very promising year. Learn wisely and live amply. Above all, remember to seek Allah who is always up there, watching over us.
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Workshop on Personality Development

Dated: 6th March 2019

"Beauty gets the attention, but personality captures the heart!”

A workshop on "Personality Development" for the teachers was conducted by the Activities Incharge Ms. Farzana Shah in the school today. A detailed communique of all the activities to be undertaken by the school in the academic year 2019 was also presented to them.


Interaction Session

Dated: 13th Dec. 2018

To envision the field of entrepreneurship and inspire the young minds and the future entrepreneurs, the school organized an interactive and informative session with one of the leading entrepreneurs running the famous food chain, “Parsa’s – Food for all” Mr. Javid Parsa. He interacted with the commerce students of XI and XII and apprised them about his experiences and tactics of more



Seminar on Impact of Climatic Change

Dated: 12th Dec. 2018

With a single mission and a protocol; “To protect our mother earth and pass on to the next generation”, the Green Valley Educational Institute in collaboration with Youth Parliament of J&K organized a thought provoking seminar on “Global Impact of Climate Change”. The chief guest Mr. Anil Arora Director, Partnerships - India, Earth Day Network had a wonderful interaction with the students of GVEI. He cautioned the students about the devastating effects of Global Warming on flora and fauna. The seminar concluded with an interactive session where emphasis was given on the role of every individual towards the contribution of global more



Elimination of Violence against Women And Girls

Dated: 8th Dec. 2018

Green Valley Educational Institute in collaboration with ELFA International organized a seminar "Elimination of violence against women and girls". It has been indeed an influential session highlighting the importance of a woman on this planet. Students were familiarized with the fact that she (woman/girl) needs to feel her presence, feel her importance and above all believe in herself. A woman or a girl needs to raise her voice if a victim of violence of any form.


"No Help can be of any Help, unless She Helps Herself".

"Be the Change Yourself, the World will Automatically Change ".click more



Dal Cleanliness Drive


Dated: 7th Dec. 2018


The condition of Dal Lake is a matter of grave concern for the natives of the valley. The horrifying scenes within the central part of Dal Lake are perilous not only for the lake itself but also for the residents surrounding the place. The sewage from the house boats, residential houses, pump stations are directly disposed into Dal. The weeds have tenanted the lake so deeply that they will soon embrace it completely.

On the occasion of “World Heritage Week” 2018, the students of Green Valley Educational Institute have taken the initiative to ADOPT and help the most important and the unattended heritage of Kashmir “THE DAL”.

The students and the management of GVEI are very thankful to Elfa International and the LAWDA Department for their contribution and moreover felicitating the students to feel the on spot drive within the lake.

To give a kick start to its adoption, a massive cleanliness drive was organised by the school in collaboration with Elfa International. The students, the staff of the school and the activists participated arduously with the mission to overcome the problem to some extent. Heap of garbage including huge quantity of polythene was collected from the central and the peripheral part of the lake.

Dal has endured our atrocities since decades, but it's time for it to revolt back. 
So let's wake our conscience, get together, work positively, regularly and be avid in our actions.

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Pre Primary Department

Dated: 12th Dec. 2018

An extravaganza of activities were organized by the teachers of Pre Primary Department. Children enjoyed their last day before getting off for winter holidays. They held class parties within classrooms and the teachers fascinated them with their stupendous shows, skits and songs. They rejoiced the program with the winter theme and set off for their holidays more



Interactive Session

Dated: 24th Nov. 2018

Ms. Avni Sethi from Ahmadabad's Conflictorium conducted an interactive session with the students of 9th class (girls). She envisioned the students to feel themselves as a medium that help them build bridges of conflict creatively, promoting acceptance of conflict for human refinement. Treating themselves a resource centre on peace and conflict using art, culture etc. She focused on building new paradigms and giving importance for self expression, creating professionals who want to create difference to themselves and to others.



Children's Day

Dated: 20th Nov. 2018

GVEI celebrated Children’s Day with great zeal and fervor. For children, nothing entertaining than the teachers performing for them. The program concluded with the felicitation ceremony where the students were applauded for their achievement in academics and various other more


Two Day Workshop


Dated: 20th Nov. 2018

A two-day workshop conducted by Mr Gaurav Gulati and Mr Vikramjeet Singh of ‘Next Books’ for the teachers of classes 4th and 5th  on 19th  and 20th November, more


World Diabetes Day and International Teachers Day


Dated: 15th Nov. 2018

35 students of our school attended an awareness programme in SKIMS on the occasion of World Diabetes Day and International Children’s Day. The event was aimed to create awareness about diabetes and general wellness of children. The students participated in a painting competition, physical activities and a quiz competition at the venue. The participants were felicitated by Dr Omar Javed Shah Director, SKIMS.
Following of the students secured positions in the event- 
• Afrah Aijaz (Ist Position) Painting
• Masooma Ali (2nd Position) Painting
• Haya Shah (Consolation Prize) Painting
• Zakin Sami (Ist Position) Race
• Wasiq (2nd Position) Race
• Hammad Farzeen (3rd Position) Race
• Khooban Asif (Ist Position) Physical activities
• Hammad Farzeen (2nd Position) Physical activities 
• Mohammad Wasiq (3rd Position) Physical activities
• Hammad Farzeen, Syed Aetezaaz, Urwah binti Sajad, Saulihah Batool, Berzish Lateef (2nd Position) Quiz
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Parent Orientation Programme

Dated: 14th Nov. 2018

Parent Orientation Programme conducted by Miss Charu Bajaj from (SAY), New Delhi for the parents of KG1 more


Teacher Orientation Programme

Dated: 13th Nov. 2018

Teacher Orientation Programme conducted by Miss Archana from (SAY), New Delhi for the teachers of KGI and more


Parent Orientation Programme

Dated: 13th Nov. 2018

Parent Orientation Programme conducted by Miss Charu Bajaj from (SAY), New Delhi for the parents of KGII more


Kindergarten New Session 2018-2019

Dated: 8th Nov. 2018

Welcoming the students of KINDERGARTEN for the session more


Theme Assembly Program

Dated: 31st Oct. 2018

6 days Theme Assembly Program concluded at GVEI. The program was organized by Pre-Primary Department and parents evinced keen interest in the event. The students participated in a number of activities. The parents appreciated the quality teaching environment of GVEI and congratulated the management of the school and the PPD staff for holding such an event. click more


Teacher Training Session

Dated: 30th Oct. 2018

  A two-day teacher training session conducted by Ms Supreet Kaur of MyPedia(PEARSON) for the teachers of classes Ist, 2nd and 3rd on 29th and 30th October,2018. click more


An Earthquake Mock Drill was conducted by the Primary Department under the supervision of HOD Social Science Mr. G.R Mir and Ms. Sabiya Bhat.

Dated: 3rd Oct. 2018

An Earthquake Mock Drill was conducted by the Primary Department under the supervision of HOD Social Science Mr. G.R Mir and Ms. Sabiya Bhat. The students were made aware about the different rescue operations required for managing such disasters.


Fun Day for class 9th students.

Dated: 3rd Oct. 2018

High Department organised a Fun Day for class 9th students. Students participated in various activities like hurdle race, musical chair, tug of war etc.


International Teacher's Day

Dated: 5/10/2018

International Teacher's Day celebrated with great zeal and fervour, the entire GVEI family participated wholeheartedly in the event. Teachers were felicitated for their hard work and dedication towards the noble profession of teaching. Click more



Germination of Seeds

Dated: 20th Sept. 2018

Students of LPD did an activity based on 'Germination of seeds'. The process of how a seed can b formed into a new plant was demonstrated during the activity.


Poetry Recitation Competition

Dated: 18th Sept. 2018

The LPD, UPD and Middle Department conducted a Poetry Recitation Competition. The programme was organised by Upper Primary Department. The toppers from each department were awarded medals.


Ms Laila Qureshi

Dated: 18th Sept. 2018

Ms Laila Qureshi, the school counsellor held a week long counselling session with the teachers of GVEI. She laid stress on the importance of counselling viz a viz students behaviour and teachers handling of the students in classrooms and in their curriculum transaction.


Motivational Counselling Programme

Dated: 13th Sept. 2018

A motivational counselling programme was held today at the school by "HEAMATH GROUP" to impart awareness about mental health and happiness among the students.


Cleanliness Awareness Campaign

Dated: 11th Sept. 2018

Cleanliness Awareness Campaign for class 5th was organised by class 10th Eco-Club members under the guidance of club head Er Suhail Farooq.



Dated: 23rd July 2018

GVEIANS enjoying at Sonamarg during #Summer_Camp_2018

#GVEI #GreenValleySchool #Kashmir #Sonamr





#Summer_Camp_2018 at Sonamarg

Dated: 23rd, July 2018

Vice Principal GVEI Prof Mehraj-ud-Din flags off buses carrying students (boys) for #Summer_Camp_2018 at Sonamarg. 

The students will have an enriching expereince during this summer camp.

#GVEI #GreenValleySchool #Kashmir


GVEI 11th class Arts Students today visited Harwan Ancient Buddhist Monastery

Dated: 16th, July 2018

GVEI 11th class Arts Students today visited Harwan Ancient Buddhist Monastery to collect the information about the ancient people and Maharaja Kanishka's works. 
The site was developed around 6th century BCE (Kashmiri name is Hari Chandraz) in the past. The main purpose of the settlement was to pacify the Buddhists. For the same purpose, Marahaja Kanishka invited
12 great saints of Buddhism of that time to settle the disputes between the four sections of Buddhism and to unite them.
Then the students trekked to Shalkhud Astanmarag to talk to the people of different tribes living in that area so as to familiarise with their living conditions.


Chairman GVEI Mohammad Yousuf Wani flags off buses

Dated: 14th, July 2018

Chairman GVEI Mohammad Yousuf Wani flags off buses carrying students for Scouts and Guides camp at Sonamarg. 

The students will have an enriching expereince during the summer camp.

#GVEI #GreenValleySchool #Kashmir


Functional English

As a part of their curriculum, +2 Functional English students today visited the AV Lab to write a "Factual Report" about it. 

During the activity, In-charge IT Department Mr Ishtiyaq Ahmad gave the students a live demonstration of the aerial view of the school campus. 

The activity was supervised by Miss Samina Aziz.


Functional English

Dated 12th July, 2018

Functional English students of Class 11th today wrote a factual description of 'school library' at the library premises. The activity was supervised by Miss Samina Aziz. 

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Musical Festival

Dated: 6th, July 2018

GVEI's PPD today held a musical activity. Students were acquainted with various musical instruments like #Tumbaknari (Kashmiri Tambourine), Drums, Guitar, Saxophone and Piano. 

The activity enlivened the children and they enjoyed every moment.
Mr Mohammad Naeem, GVEI's music teacher, helped the students to get acquainted with the instruments.



Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi

Dated 29th June, 2018

Columnist and Islamic Banking expert Mehboob Makhdoomi today interacted with +2 students at GVEI and offered his expert career counseling guidance to them.

He also threw light on Islamic Banking and career options in the field in Gulf countries and far East. 

He told students to follow their heart and work hard in whatever stream they are interested in.

Mr Makhdoomi is currently consultant at Dammam University, Saudi Arabia.




Dated 28th June, 2018

GVEI's 12th class students today tried their hands at swimming. 

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News Report Activity

Dated: 28th June, 2018

+2 Wing's Functional English students today conducted a news report activity. The students analysed newspaper reports and identified its various components. They also identified errors in news stories and rectified them in their analysis. 

The activity was supervised by Mr Mushtaq Barq.









#GVEI'S #PPD today conducted Noor-e-Ramadhan programme

14th June 2018

The parents of the participating students were present during the event to encourage their wards. 

Students of KG I and KG II made a brilliant performance during the event with recitation of the Holy Qur'an and Naat.

The students aslo performed a skit to encourage others to keep the spirit of ramadhan alive at the conclusion of this blessed month.

The programme was supervised by Saima Qadir and Kousar Mehraj.

Chairman GVEI Mohammad Yousuf Wani and Principal GVEI Prof Razia Sultana were also present at the event. 

The parents of the participating students appreciated the efforts of Department's teachers for holding such events and thanked the administration for inviting them to witness the programme. 

#GVEI #GreenValleySchool 





#Eid_Card_Making Activity

11th June 2018

#GVEI Middle Department today held #Eid_Card_Making Activity. Students busied themselves with designing multicoloured sheets and making presentable #Eid_Cards. 




11th June 2018

GVEI's  #Department_of_Environmental_Science today conducted a #Nest_making_activity. Students of Grade Three displayed their different shaped and coloured nests during the activity. 





9th June 2018

GVEI's LPD today organised a programme titled #Marhaba_Ramadan. Students performed a skit and sang songs in praise of Ramadan. 

Chairman GVEI Mohammad Yousuf Wani appreciated the efforts of students and rewarded fasting students.

Principal GVEI, Prof Razia Sultana, congratulated the LPD staff and Coordinator Mehnaz Siddui for holding the event. 






9th June 2018

Dr GN Qasba, ex-commissioner SMC, and GN Var, President Private Schools' Association, today visited #GVEI to witness the #Environmental_Awareness_Campaign and  #Heritage_Exhibitionorganised by #Eco_Club and #Department_of_Social Sciences respectively. Students of Class 4th and 5th displayed their models during the Heritage Exhibition. 

Dr Qasba interacted with the students and appreciated their unique methods to highlight the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir Valley. 

Students of Middle and High Department held a cleanliness drive and made their juniors aware about various environmental degradations and taught them ways and methods to keep the environment clean. 

Dr Qasba visited the GVEI's Swimming poll and congratulated the school administration for starting swimming classes at the school.

#GVEI #GreenValleySchool #Kashmir





9th June 2018

Children love play dough. There are so many different activities and so much fun to be had with play dough. 

#GVEI's LPD today, under the supervision of Coordinator Mehnaz Siddiqui, held a #play_dough session with Level 2 students. 

Each student was given a ball of dough to play with and to change the shape of dough by stretching, bending and twisting. 





A programme titled Fazeelat-e-Ramazan was organised by Sahuliyat Kashmir at #GVEI

6th June 2018

During the event, Mufti Umer Farooq Sheikh threw light on the blessings of Ramazan and encouraged students to continue righteous deeds even after the completion of the month of Ramazan. 

#GVEI #GreenValleySchool