Green Valley Educational Institute

EllahiBagh | Buchpora | Srinagar




It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Green Valley School.  We are an outward-looking school, aware of and responsible to the needs of society.  We encourage students to develop into principled young adults, humane and responsible, who pursue their aspirations with honour  and integrity.  We are proud that we are able to provide a lively and challenging environment where young people grow in confidence and independence.
         Over the last 25 years, our school has established an enviable reputation as an institution of innovation and quality.   Our endeavor is to create a world class institution that will be a centre of excellence in all respects.  The school is being developed keeping the highest standards in mind.
          We look forward to opening our doors to children and parents and working closely together for building a strong and vibrant school community.
           We will know we have been successful if those who leave us eventually will be able to look back with affection and pride and say that Green Valley was the best school they ever attended.




  Education is a man-making process and the aim of education is to  remove the dust and erase the rust and of all types-be its superstition prejudice narrow mindedness selfishness or hatred or a false superiority or even inferiority complex, from the mind of a human individual.  It is to persuade a young person to keep the doors and windows of his mind, always open and imbibe everything that is good whether it comes from East or West, North or South.
      Green Valley pursues that goal and tries its best to provide that type of a green and clean atmosphere wherein reaching the goal, hitting the target and scaling the heights is possible.  We strive to provide wings to our kids to star higher and higher on the radder of elegance and excellence, morality and humanity.

     Vice Principal 

 The concept of Education has undergone a sea change. What it was in the 20th century,  has no more relevance in the 21st century. The predominant thrust in the past was to develop well informed minds. But over a period of time it was observed that well informed minds resulted in the production of Babus, servants rather than leaders. There has been paradigm shift from well informed minds to well formed minds. This has become the hallmark of efficient Education system. The knowledge explosion coupled with revolution in information technology has given new direction to every aspect of human life and educations, which is the surest means of  metamorphosis  of an individual  has acquired new meaning and has set new goals for the budding scholars.

              We, here in Green Valley Education Institute try to inspire students, stir their imagination and   teach them what the tempo of time demands of us, of course, contextualising learning material and learning process for them. We are trying to bring more and more innovations. How far we succeed in our endeavours only our revered stake holders can tell us .Please feel free to share your valuable opinion with us since we are open to suggestions particularly in academic matters. Encourage your wards to hitch their wagon on the highest star. 


             Vice Principal(Academics)

  It is my privilege to welcome you to the Green Valley threshold.  We endeavor to create a learning environment in which all children will feel enabled and encouraged to become successful learners.  Our wide ranging curriculum gives pupils choices within a framework of rigorous academic achievement.  It is driven by dynamic, well qualified members of staff who are selfless in their devotion to the children.  We strive to provide not only an academic education of quality but above all, create an environment which encourages the development of each individual student's and abilities.  Our style of teaching encourages students to question, be creative, to experiment, and critically examine alternatives to make informed decisions.  The School also offers a wide range of Co-curricular activities, including sport, drama, music, art and projects.  Learning is enhanced by field trips and expeditions, visits, speakers, exchanges etc.  At the heart of our effort is the attempt to give the right values and 'IKHLAK' to our children.  We promote these through all aspects of school life.  Each student is encouraged to accept responsibility for self discipline, to develop self respect and compassion, to contribute to the society and through their school life-develop a love of learning whilst continually striving for excellence.

                We also recognize the vital role that parents play in contributing to childrens' success and happiness at school.  We, therefore, seek to build strong and supportive partnerships with our parent community and look forward to their close involvement with the school and its programs.