Green Valley Educational Institute

EllahiBagh | Buchpora | Srinagar

School Facilities

All the facilities at the school have been bench marked with the highest international standards. we have ensured that the 7 acre campus is designed as an open, inviting educational environment that maximizes natural light and sapce.

 ATL Lab

Realizing the need to create scientific temper and cultivate the spirit of curiosity and innovation among young fledgling students, Green Valley Educational Institute established Green Valley Tinkering Lab - (ATL). It is a lab where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands on do-it yourself mode and learn/develop innovation skills. the idea in setting up this lab is to orient our students as neoteric-persons who advocate new ideas. the lab has been adjudged as one of the best lab in North India.




Geography Lab  




Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is well equipped and designed to give it an international dimension.  To enhance its utility lab is provided with the state-of-art devices like Distillation unit, Electronic weighing machine, Concealed gas line and the safety devices such Fire fighting equipments, First-Aid Kit etc




 Physics Lab  

The Physics Lab is well lit and ventilated equipped with all the latest equipments/apparatus to enable the students to perform the practicals of Light, Heat, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism.




 Biology Lab

A well designed Biology Lab equipped with all modern facilities and required specimens including the Microscopes compatible with high resolution digital camera.




Computer Lab

As the world is becoming more globalized and technology is increasing day by day,  Green Valley School has given ample facilities to its students.  The school has two computer labs with latest software.  The labs are divided into Senior and Junior Lab.  The junior lab has accommodation of 50 students and senior lab for 60 students.  The school provides broadband internet connection.

Swimming Pool




Health Bay





Library Resource Centers for Junior and Senior School

The school has a well-stocked library with thousands of books on a variety of subjects, for students of all ages.  The library subscribes to  several leading magazines and Newspapers. Library classes are a regular feature of the school, to develop a taste for reading in children and to initiate them into t he world of knowledge.  





Art & Craft
Well equipped comfortable classrooms
Excellent IT facilities using the latest