Green Valley Educational Institute

EllahiBagh | Buchpora | Srinagar




The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation. Quality education is provided to each and every child. Activity based teaching approach is one of the unique features of the school. The school is well equipped with ultra modern teaching and grooming facilities. True to its spirit the school imbibes values and provides young minds with good fundamentals. High academic standards go hand in hand with all round development of character and personality.At the Nursery level, our aim is to encourage the child’s inborn creativity and to develop confidence with the right exposure to stimulated situations. The students are trained in self discipline, teamwork and fair play. Above all, Islamiyat is taught to the students to imbibe in them the true teachings of Islam.



 The school session commences in November. The school remains closed for a long term holiday during the intense winter and for a short term during summer.




GVEI is affiliated to Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE),and is duly recognised by the Department of Education. The classes are from KG to Grade Twelfth. The students are offered the following subjects at (10 + 1) level: English, Functional English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Information Technology , Economics , Psychology, Political Science, Accountancy, Business Studies, Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Education.




The professed intention and objective of the institution is to impart to the younger generation an education that is a distillation of all that is noble and pure through the medium of latest technology, emphasizing on enhancement of subtle aspects of personality and pursuit of excellence in all fields. Personalized care and attention is given to each and every student. An extensive use of audio-visual supporting material is made for making the learning process very effective. The school is equipped with modern teaching charts, models, cassettes, C.Ds and a host of play-way equipment.Innovative methods of teaching are constantly being used to make teaching more purposeful, meaningful and interesting. It is mandatory for all the students and teachers to use English for all academic and other activities. 



Admission to school is open to students of all faiths. Islamiyat, however as a subject has a place of pride in the school curriculum. The cosmopolitan character of the School, its mission to liberate mankind from prejudice, emanating from caste, creed, colour and race is brought home to the students. Living examples of great souls and noblemen inspired by Islam are presented to the students as role models. Respect for and tolerance of their faiths in so far as they embody truth, goodness, kindness and to their noble aspects are also emphasized. Islamiyat is taught in the school from class first onwards. Arabic as a language is taught to the students from class 6th onwards.




 The faculty of Green Valley School shapes its special character. Each faculty member is an expert in his/her own field. The faculty consists of nearly 300 members. The academic community not only imparts instruction through the regular teaching periods, it also engages the students in many other ways, whether it is to conduct the morning assembly, or to arrange and participate in various programmes of the school. 

Teachers use a student – centered style which instils confidence, initiative and the development of skills.

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 Workshops for teachers are yearly feature of the school. Renowned teachers both within the state and without are hired to provide best of teaching methods to our teachers. Teachers use the basket of resources provided to them for a specific subject effectively. Teachers also upload any presentation materials that they must create for their classrooms.




 P.T. M’s are held regularly to monitor the progress of the students.Meeting of parents with H.O.Ds / Principal is appreciated and encouraged for the welfare of the children.