Green Valley Educational Institute

EllahiBagh | Buchpora | Srinagar

The Faculty of Green Valley Educational Institute School shapes its special character.  Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his or her own field.  The faculty of Green Valley Educational Institute School consists of 220 full time highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields. Each staff member also imbibes the GVEI culture and ethos, which is the thread that binds the entire teaching fraternity of the school.

Teaching Style

This academic community not only imparts instruction through the regular teaching periods, it also engages students in a variety of other ways, whether it is to conduct the morning assembly, bring out school Newsletters and Magazines, arrange and participate in cultural shows, or just simply arrange visits. All teachers are also involved in some school activity, as House Masters, Club Incharges, the Environment council, Editorial Board Cultural Department or Sports, to name a few.  In fact, all teachers also share membership with students on various committees, school houses, and supervise individual or small-group activities.

Students learn through teacher instruction, group activities and field trips. Seminars and workshops also form an integral part of the School Curriculum.  Teachers use a student-centered style which instills confidence, initiative, and the development of critical and analytical skills.  Guest Speakers are also invited to the schools to familiarize the students on various academic, scientific, social and cultural issues.


Prof. Razia Sultana



Mr. Riyaz Kathjoo
Vice Principal

Mr. M.D.Zargar
Vice Principal(Administration)



Mr. Younus Beigh

Academic Officer

Mr. Rafi Ahmad Badri

Activity Supervisor

H . R . Head

Ms.  Insha


Faculty From KG -  XII Classes (2018- 2019) 


Faculty +2 Department (2018 - 2019)    


Faculty High Department (2018 - 2019) 



Faculty Middle Department (2018 - 2019)   


Faculty U .P. D   (2018 - 2019)



Faculty L.  P  . D    (2018 - 2019)


Faculty Pre Primary Department (2018 - 2019)




Faculty Computer Department (2018 - 2019) 


Administrative Department (2018 - 2019)




 Faculty Laboratory (2018 - 2019)


 Activity Department (2018 - 2019)




Faculty Art Department   (2018 - 2019)


Faculty Transport (2018 - 2019)


Faculty Sports  (2018 - 2019)



+2 Department

Mr. Imran Gul 


High Department

Ms.  Ishrat Shah


Middle Department

Ms. Nazneen



Ms. Darakshan



Ms. Muzamil


Physical Department

Mr. Irfan Rangrez


Pre Primary Department

Ms. Saima


Pre Primary Department

Ms. Kounser


Computer Department

Mr. Tasaduq



IT Head

Mr. Ishtiyaq Wani



Er. Suhail Farooq



Mr. Javeed Iqbal



Md Shefaullah


EVS & S.St.

Mr. G.R. Mir



Mr. Aamir Manzoor