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6th District Tong-il-Moo-Do Championship


6th District Tong-il-Moo-Do Championship was held at Hat-trick Public School, Zakura from 24th to 30th April, 2019.

The students of our school participated in the event and bagged 12 Gold, 12 Silver and 9 Bronze medals.

The medalists are:
• Aribba Muzaffar (4th Purple) GOLD
• Mukadus Feroz (6th Pink) GOLD
• Rimsha Riyaz (6th Orange) GOLD
• Esra Bint Qaiser (8th Yellow) GOLD
• Rabia Nissar (8th Orange) GOLD
• Mohammad Humayun (5th Green) GOLD
• Musaib Rasool (4th Red) GOLD
• Tabaan Mehraj (5th Red) GOLD
• Ahmad Safiy Baba (6th Blue) GOLD
• Numan Tariq (6th Blue) GOLD
• Kushnood Khalid Khan (6th Maroon) GOLD
• Mohammad Roman (7th Green) GOLD

• Hanoof (5th Yellow) SILVER
• Sawut Ul Uma (4th Purple) SILVER
• Harmain (6th Yellow) SILVER
• Zeenat Naseer (6th Yellow) SILVER
• Zainab Asif (6th Yellow) SILVER
• Mohammad Aazan Bhat (5th White) SILVER
• Mohammad Mutahar (5th Blue) SILVER
• Musharraf Ali Paray (5th Blue) SILVER
• Inayat Amin (4th Blue) SILVER
• Azhar Balti (6th Green) SILVER
• Furqan Altaf (7th Green) SILVER
• Zawaad Arshad (8th Red) SILVER

• Hamiya Ishtiyak (5th Yellow) BRONZE
• Ayesha Imran (5th Purple) BRONZE
• Muntaha (5th Purple) BRONZE
• Izhaan Iqbal (5th Green) BRONZE
• Mohammad Moosa (4th Red) BRONZE
• Ayaan Khan (6th Green) BRONZE
• Ifhaam Kawoosa (7th Green) BRONZE
• Mohmmad Hamaad Sofi (9th Green) BRONZE
• Sheikh Azlaan Javid (9th Green) BRONZE

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